Woodlawn Area Neighborhood Association

November 17th, 2010 Annual Meeting at Ensworth School

Woodlawn Area Neighborhood Association

Annual Meeting

November 17, 2010

Ensworth Elementary School


                        Call to Order by James Bristol, President

                        Logo for WANA was presented and approved by voice vote following discussion. Supporters expressed the use of logo to raise awareness with residents in WANA and those who drive into our neighborhood. Greater awareness hoped to result in greater support.

                                    Logo will be incorporated into website, stationery, future window stickers, and street signs:

                        Election of board members - WANA is a non-profit Tennessee corporation. The residents of the association are permitted and required to nominate and elect board members.

                                    Current members were re-elected for 1 more year (James Bristol, President and Treasurer; Trish Mixon, Vice-President and Chair of Park Committee; Lewis Pennock, Vice-President and Communications Director; Kathy Billings, Secretary and Traffic Committee)

                                    Ruth Garrett was elected as a new board member.


Ruth is currently active on the Park Committee and enthusiastic about WANA. She is a gerontological consultant for Vanderbilt and Meharry Medical Colleges, as well as a professor and teaches medical and dental students at MMC. Ruth is a mother of two (daughter physician at VU), grandmother of two who live in Green Hills also (Hobbs Ave by Harpeth Hall where they attend school)

                        Financial report - summary of funds received and expenditures in 2009-10.   

                                    Summary of receipts and expenditures was presented (attached - Click Here to download).

                                    Funds were used to improve Woodmont Park to plant trees, install irrigation, build fence and some related improvements.

                                    General discussion included the desirability of making WANA’s activities public, possibly posting a sign at Woodmont Park to raise awareness of private funds donated for park improvements


                        501(c)(3) application status was presented and discussed:

                                    Tax-exempt with the IRS will allow dues and contributions to WANA to be tax-deductible. This status will also help WANA raise support from community organizations that offer grants for park improvements. The cost for the application with the IRS is $400.

                                    Application (IRS Form 1023) is partially completed. Tax-exempt status is based on the purpose of the organization qualifying as charitable. A statement of purpose is included in the application regarding WANA’s activities to support the Woodmont Park and other public spaces.

                                    To obtain 501(c)(3) status as a charitable organization, WANA’s activities and use of funds are limited by charter to supporting Woodmont Park and other public spaces in neighborhood. There are restrictions on WANA’s activities in charter that are necessary to be a charitable organization. For example, WANA is restricted from engaging in political activities.

                                    Residents are requested to help write the history of Woodmont Park, including the history of the Woodmont School and the piece of land where the park sits. Photographs, memories, etc. are welcomed. This information will be our statement of purpose in our IRS application.

                                    Trish Mixon presented and read a letter to WANA from Thomas Lynch of Metro Board of Parks and Recreation. Mr. Lynch formally recognized the efforts of our association to raise funds and provide volunteer labor to improve Woodmont Park (letter attached).


                        Traffic Discussion

Metro has provided some traffic calming improvements in recent months, including improved signs north and south of Estes crosswalk to park. Metro planning has asked for neighborhood feedback on proposed traffic calming measures that can be implemented within the current Metro budget, i.e., at little or no cost. Feedback is requested to these measures.


Summary of Proposals

  1. Uniform 30 mph speed limit on all of Woodlawn
  2. Pavement markers painted on street between Bowling and Lynbrook as well as Estes and MBA Ave - possibly other spots. Metro says experience has been surprisingly good after painting extra large white "30 MPH" on street 
  3. Painted edgelines – already on Woodlawn. Edgelines slow traffic by narrowing the roadway.
  4. Permanent speed radar. Recommended one on Bowling.
  5. Metro police will respond to requests to monitor traffic speeding. The majority of calls received by Metro police concern traffic. Recommend that WANA identify spots that are susceptible to speeding and where police can be stationed.
  6. Stop sign location – particularly at Estes and Woodlawn.
  7. Foliage. Metro has a ten foot right of way on either side of Woodlawn that must be kept free from foliage. Right of way is extended where needed for sight distance.
    • Residents should keep shrubberies, brush, trees, etc. trimmed back away from road to respect easement.
    • Metro will cut foliage back if requested. Metro cut was compared to a "military haircut." The price is free but no attention is paid to style.
  8. All-way stop sign has been installed at intersection of Woodlawn and Ridgefield to address safety and speed.
  9. Westmont "cut through" problem. Stop sign has been proposed – other solutions?
  10.  Woodmont park cross-walk on Estes. New signs have been added.
    • Scored/colored pavement, planters, others?
    • Private funds - $5-10,000 may be needed.


·      A traffic committee was formed by voice vote to provide formal feedback regarding these proposals, with Kathy Billings nominated to chair the committee.

o      The traffic committee’s purposes include pursuit of traffic calming and other measures to discourage traffic upgrades.

o      For example, Woodlawn is currently a “collector” street. The committee would seek measures that would make it unlikely that Woodlawn could be upgraded to “arterial.”

·      Specific road proposals from Metro Planning were discussed, including a proposal for the Bosley Springs connector. Committee will gather information on these proposals to provide education to WANA residents.


Meeting was adjourned  at 8:30 p.m.


28 April 2010


Dear Ms. Mixon:


On behalf of the Parks’ Board, I’d like you to know how much we appreciate your hard work in leading the neighborhood’s recent improvement efforts in Woodmont Park.

It’s been great to see the many new trees leafing out over the past few weeks, and the irrigation system will help ensure their success.  The new wood fencing not only helps to provide security along the edges of the park, it also presents an attractive new public face to Estes and South Wilson Boulevards.

Metro Parks has long been grateful for partnerships that allow the parks to thrive in ways that would not be possible through the department alone.  Such collaborations are especially important in these economically strained times.  Your dedication to Woodmont Park, and the generosity of the residents who have participated with their time and money, will enrich the entire community for many years to come.

Thank you and please extend our thanks to the others who have participated in the enhancement of Woodmont Park.



Thomas M. Lynch

Interim Director










August 9th, 2007 Annual Meeting at Ensworth School

August 9, 2007
WANA Meeting
We had a very successful gathering at Ensworth School.  We passed the bylaws as presented except that we will add the physical boundaries of the neighborhood to it.
                    We elected the slate of officers as presented:
  President       Bell Newton
  Vice President  Cyrus Hatfield
  Secretary  Jennifer Pennington
  Treasurer  Glenn Jones
  Communications  Lewis Pennock  
                     We had people sign up to serve on committees:
Sidewalks, Traffic, and Safety:
Frank May, Ralph Davis        
Connector Road, UDO:
Jennifer Pennington
Bell Newton
Kirk Finchem
Zoning and Development:
Cyrus Hatfield
                      We have Neighborhood Advocates:
Jan Houseman, Ruth Garrett, Cheri Brandon
Patricia Mixon
Bunny Porter-Shirley, John Dean
Betsy Funk
Please feel free to jump in and help!
We are having a MEET THE CANDIDATES party Wednesday, August 22, Place TBA.  We have invited all At-Large candidates as well as our District 24 candidates.                                                            


Michelle Steele, our liaison to the Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods, was our key speaker.  After Bell presented the issues with the proposed high rise development on Woodmont, Michelle told us that Metro Council has total authority over zoning matters.  She advised us to go to the Planning Commission meeting on Feb. 9. 
She said that the more people who go, the better, and that we need to say that we have been excluded from this process as we were in the UDO.  We need to show how we were impacted with the UDO. She further advised us to contact each and every councilperson, especially those running for office.  She went on to say that we can ask ANY councilperson to introduce a motion to defer.
Frances Kristofferson pointed out that high rises invite wind shears/tornadoes, and nothing on that issue has been brought up.
John Cooper pointed out that the UDO Transportation Plan did not take any development outside its boundaries into account, nor have any other studies been done.
He went on to say that arguing the procedure that was followed to get a deferral will be more effective than arguing the merits (or lack thereof) of the development.
Bell Newton has prewritten letters to the Planning Commission that people can come by and sign. 
Lewis Pennock presented our new website and all are invited to help develop it.
Bell Newton announced plans for a Spring Fling neighborhood party...suggestions, anyone?
Quality of  life  is our main concern.  We support properly managed growth/development under current zoning.  
Thanks again to Craig Laine/Ensworth for allowing us the use of their beautiful facility and to Lewis Pennock for his website assistance.
All are encouraged to participate and become involved; all suggestions are welcome and encouraged.